User Manual


Welcome to the GreenTechKnowledgeHub. The Hub is divided into two areas:


The Public Website:

The public website provides general information about the GIZ Global Project “Support of the Export Initiative Environmental Protection”, upcoming events and publications related to the topic.

The Communities of Practice (CoP):

The “Communities of Practice" (CoP) area is exclusive for members.  In this area, members can benefit from the knowledge of the community, contribute to discussions in the forum and share relevant documents.


1. General information
  • To ensure that everyone can follow the discussion, the communication language is English.
  • The use of the platform implies the acceptance of the Terms of Use.
2. Registration/Login
  • If you don’t have a profile yet, you can register for the hub here
    • Information such as email address, first and last name, and organisation are mandatory.
    • Registering, you can select the Communities of Practice you want to join.
    • After the registration, you will receive an email as soon as your account has been activated.
  • If you have already registered, you can log in here.
  • In case you forget your password, you can easily reset your password.
3. User profile​​​
  • Clicking on “My account” and “edit” you can add a profile picture and fill in additional information about yourself, such as your function, areas of interest and areas of expertise.
  • We appreciate if you enter additional information about yourself, this will make the network more specific and personal and will make it easier to contact you
  • We would like to contact you from time to time to inform you about events and new topics. For this we need your consent. Therefore, we ask you to activate the mailing function on our Knowledge Hub. If you are logged in, you can find this function under > “My account” (navigation bar at the top of the page) > “Edit” (right beneath your name) > Scroll down and check the box "I agree to receive updates from my Communities of Practice via e-mail". 
4. Three main areas of each CoP (Forum, Shared Knowledge and Members)
  • Every CoP has a forum where you can start discussions, ask questions, and write posts about current topics. It is also possible to comment on posts or react to them with likes.
  • In the area of Shared Knowledge, you have the opportunity to share and download any kind of “knowledge” such as presentations, case studies, publications, videos etc. It is also possible to filter the documents by these categories.
  • If you want to “add knowledge”, it is mandatory to provide: title, type of knowledge, description, a picture (for example of the front page of a report) and the countries your information is relevant to. Optionally you can provide information about the members involved or links with further information.
  • Remote videos (YouTube) can be embedded in the platform. Click on “media add page . After you have created such a “media page”, you can integrate it by typing the name of the page in “use existing media”.
  • Within every CoP, you can find a list of its members. Clicking on “Show all members”, you are given an overview of the members and the possibility to filter the members by criteria such as name, organisation, function, or country.

The Knowledge Hub is constantly developing in a dynamic process. We appreciate your feedback. Feel free to contact us via