Video: Environmental protection worldwide

As an EXI implementation partner, GIZ presents its activities as part of the BMUV Environmental Protection Export Initiative in a short video.

Global environmental protection can only succeed if the necessary infrastructure and the legal, political and administrative framework conditions are in place. The "Export Initiative for Environmental Protection" founded by the BMUV in 2016 aims to export the expertise available in Germany in order to support efforts for greater environmental protection and sustainable development worldwide.

As an implementation partner of EXI, GIZ realises project activities worldwide on behalf of the BMUV. The video shows impressions of the activities in the partner countries Jordan, Thailand, Malaysia, Ukraine, India and Germany. 

The aim of the GIZ global project "Environmental Protection Worldwide" is to support the development of sustainable and favourable conditions for the use of resource-efficient environmental protection technologies. The project runs from April 2023 to March 2025. 

The funded measures focus on developing technical and institutional expertise and laying the foundations for the introduction and use of environmental and climate protection technologies. In order to make a lasting contribution to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the project focuses on knowledge transfer, pilot projects, sustainable business models, capacity building, environmental education and awareness-raising. 

The country measures are implemented in cooperation with bilateral GIZ projects in the partner countries, but also at global level. The activities supported are embedded in the strategies of the target countries.